Horrible MISTAKE!

June 27, 2006 amycrews

I am so sorry, but apparently my sister got ahold of my Survivor Sucks info and said some really mean bad things about Diane from BB5!  Although I have never been a fan – one way or the other – I feel horrible that my sister would use my name to post such BAD CRUEL things!  I went back and read them, and I was appauled.  She is staying here at my house (along with several others) for our big scallop season opening 4th of July week party.  When you log into Survivor Sucks (as I did the other night to defend Danielle’s chldren) it doesn’t log you out when you close the page.  So my sister just opened up the page and took it upon herself to pretend to be me.  Wow!  After I laughed about people pretending to be me, I never thought my own sister could do it!  Anyway, I am so sorry to Diane and her fans.  And I’m going to drown my sister in the bay this weekend….not really…but I want to right now!  Good luck Diane!    


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  • 1. Taylor&hellip  | 

    that wasn’t very nice of her! Thanks so much for coming to the chat today amy.. you’re a lifesaver. it was so much fun!

  • 2. michael&hellip  | 

    Wow. That wacky girl! Just when I thought I had heard it *all*, too. Someone asked me about it, and I was like “Look, I just hung up the phone with her and I think she’s a little too busy visiting with friends and family to be on the internet trashing some girl that she doesn’t even know. I’d be the first to hear about it if she was. Get a grip. A *big* one.”

  • 3. lisa&hellip  | 

    what a little she-devil! Is she your younger sister? Well a similar event happened to me except that I didn’t know the culprit. He/she got into my e-mail through msn on a public computer I had used. Pretended to be me and sent a horrible letter about drugs..etc..to my parents and friends. I was travelling at the time and received many dissaproving/confused e-mails from concerned aquaintances…

  • 4. julie&hellip  | 

    My Sister Logged In As Me!!!

  • 5. BJ&hellip  | 

    Hi, Amy,

    Nice to see your post and it’s really classy of you to take the time to make an apology on behalf of your sisters post. Maybe if you were still signed in she didn’t know it was posting under your name.. or maybe she didn’t care lol. So someone’s picking on Dani’s kids eh? Terrible to draw the family into it.

    I’m afraid I’m a big fan of Danielles and I routed for Diane in BB5. Is she smart? no, does she have any class and maturity? no! But out of the people that were there she just grew on me and I saw a kid who wanted to be loved and who was being screwed over by Drew. I saw it coming but couldn’t do anything about it.

    I enjoyed you on BB3, people still talk about you because you were one of a kind that’s for sure !

    Hope life’s treating you well. I have no idea what you mean when you say it’s scallop season.. I’m not familiar with southern traditions I’m afraid.

    Well I was just surfing gathering tidbits to add to my site. I kept an update site for BB5 and decided to do it for the All-Star season.. that makes 300,000,001 sites about BB now lol.

    If you have any thoughts on the people this year or rooting for anyone particular by all means post it in my comment section and I’ll be sure everyone get’s to see it.

    Oh by the way, with all the floods in the east and north you have plenty places to drown your sister 🙂



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