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The Big Brother All-Stars house is just one big gross rotten Hell hole.  I wish that I didn’t have 2 friends in the house, because I hate to see them have to live in that environment.  I honestly think it would be easier to fight your way through a pod of bull sharks than to live in that house.  I also think your survival rate would be much better.  My favorite people in the house right now are Danielle, Alison, Nakomis and Diane.  I think Danielle probably should have kept quiet for a few weeks before starting to stir the pot.  It just may get her evicted next week…and although I wouldn’t mind that because I would get to talk to her everyday on the phone again, I hate to see her go so early.  Alison is being Alison, and I love her for that.  She is always true to form, and if she stays next week, I hope she gets really mean and ugly to some of those people.  I think that Diane is doing a good job right now.  She’s sort of keeping quiet from what I’ve seen, and I think that is going to keep her a little longer.  Remember…it is not good to be perceived as a threat.  If she can just keep it together and go with the flow, I think that will work for her.  Same with Nakomis.  She is just being Nakomis, and I like her for that.  Some of these people just SCARE me!  Will talks about how awful all of the Internet people are, and how we all need to check ourselves into a mental health facility.  But I don’t remember him having specialized in psychology.  Do you?  And James just reminds me of all of the bad press that John Kerry got during the last presidential campaign for being a ‘flip flop”.  He is like the boy in high school who really wants to hang with the cool crowd and will do or say anything to just be considered cool.  I think that rather than attending the finale party (as I had previously planned to do), I’ll just fly the people I like (and there are FEW) down here to the beach for few days when all of this is over.  I swear, this is shaping up to be worse than any horror show I have ever seen!  The “Free The West Memphis Three” trial was not as bad as this!   


18 comments July 7, 2006

Horrible MISTAKE!

I am so sorry, but apparently my sister got ahold of my Survivor Sucks info and said some really mean bad things about Diane from BB5!  Although I have never been a fan – one way or the other – I feel horrible that my sister would use my name to post such BAD CRUEL things!  I went back and read them, and I was appauled.  She is staying here at my house (along with several others) for our big scallop season opening 4th of July week party.  When you log into Survivor Sucks (as I did the other night to defend Danielle’s chldren) it doesn’t log you out when you close the page.  So my sister just opened up the page and took it upon herself to pretend to be me.  Wow!  After I laughed about people pretending to be me, I never thought my own sister could do it!  Anyway, I am so sorry to Diane and her fans.  And I’m going to drown my sister in the bay this weekend….not really…but I want to right now!  Good luck Diane!    

5 comments June 27, 2006

Yup! It’s me!

I think it is so funny that when I post on message boards or visit chat rooms, people don't believe that it is me!  I think that is hilarious!  I highly doubt that someone would be a big enough loser to go around on the net pretending to me ME of all people!  Why not pretend to be someone like…say…I don't know…Jessica Simpson or Chris Rock?  Why would someone pretend to be me?  Wow!  Anyway, to all of you people at the Survivor Sucks thing:  I think that your board is great, and I'm glad that there is a place where you can state your honest opinions without being moderated so much…although I find it odd that you can call people's children bad names on there, yet you can't type the word "myspace".  I lost a ton of respect for the site after seeing that.  Someone posted that the only way one can get banned from that site is by typing the "n word" – but you can't type "myspace"?!  Now THAT is odd – not Danielle's children, as Alfred has posted.  Don't call yourself an unedited site if you are going to edit words that aren't even offensive!  I'm busy now, so I have to run!  I'll post more later!       

6 comments June 25, 2006

The list of 20…and my opinion of them…

Yay! The 20 have been announced, and I can finally talk about it. I have to say that I am not as disappointed as I thought I would be. I worried for awhile there that very few of the good players would agree to do it, and we’d be stuck watching a bunch of boring people that all got booted off of their seasons week 1 and 2. I really wish that I could tell my honest opinions about a few of these people, but I will probably be seeing them at the finale party, and I REALLY don’t want to get beat up by some mean person, so I’ll keep my mouth shut for now. Of course I am totally pulling for Danielle! She is like my big sister, and I love her SO much. I really think that she got a raw deal last time, and I want to see her win. I also like Alison a lot. She is such a FUN person to be around, and I think she will be a ton of fun to watch. Okay…and I hope that Cowboy gets back in. No, I am not lying. I met him at the BB5 finale party, and he is one of the sweetest people on earth. He has a HUGE heart, and is a good person. I just can’t be mean to someone like that. I CAN however be mean to people who think that they are smart and gorgeous and look down on everyone when in all reality, they are really just trash with bad hair and/or bad teeth. These people annoy me! There are a few of those on the 20 list. I must also state that while the 20 list does represent some of the better players from the pervious seasons of Big Brother, it does not mean that the 20 are the TOP 20. I think there are a few other former HGs that would have better represented an actual ALL-STAR cast, but these people chose not to do it. I also have to say that while most people hate Julie Chen, I (after all these years of hearing her say “Hello Houseguests “) have grown attached to her as the BB host. So let the games begin! I am SO excited about what we will see this summer. I think it is going to be a BLAST!

9 comments June 21, 2006






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