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August 7, 2006 amycrews

I love Danielle, and that is no secret. When she is not locked up in the BB house, we talk almost everyday. She is one of my best friends, and I love her dearly. I am SO proud of her winning HOH this week! I knew that she wouldn’t use the position to put up floaters and try to kiss ass to everyone who is considered to be dangerous players. And I was right! Although it was way risky to put up James…and as we now know that plan totally backfired, I STILL think she will put up another strong player against James, rather than tossing in a floater to appease the stronger alliances. As she said on the show Sunday night, she is there to play the game. I really hope that James doesn’t go on Thursday, but you just never know. I know the show tomorrow night is going to be great. Maybe I’m biased, but I really think that Danielle being HOH has made this week just a little bit more entertaining than what I’ve been watching for the past month. Go Danielle!


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  • 1. Taylor&hellip  | 

    Danielle rocks! She was saying some nice things about you the other night. If she won, she’d deserve it. She’s always been very kind to me and I hate that she gets so much crap. I second that, Go Danielle!

  • 2. Alissa&hellip  | 

    Hi Amy,

    I agree with you. Having Danielle as HOH sure did shake up a show that has been quite dominated and slow this season. I really enjoyed watching the power change and seeing season six squirm. (However, I miss sexy Kaysar.)

    One thing that is driving me crazy about this season is how dull the conversation is. I believe a lot of that has to do with the cast already knowing each other, as well as the fans knowing the cast.

    Danielle was talking to Marcellas in the bug room and made that comment. She also said that season 3 was so much fun because the cast didn’t know what was going to happen and that it was all new.

    This season it seems to me as though the cast sort of owns a little bit of production too. They call producers by name, and even blackmail them to get items that they want/need.

    Putting a bunch of people together who have already been through the BB process takes a lot of the game out of the game.

    The last comment I wanted to make is what is this about some of them splitting the money? Wasn’t there some rule that says houseguests can’t do that? It seems that this is all Will and Boogie talk about on the live feeds.

    Any thoughts?

  • 3. Lil_Angel&hellip  | 

    Hi Amy
    I loved your BB interview. I envy you.:-)Yes, Living in Fla is like you’re on one big vacation.I lived in Fort Walton for 2 years. St Joe is really nice beach.It’s so peacefully there. The kids & I went there every weekend.It was like being own your own private island.Haven’t been there for few years now.I’m hope, it hasn’t change much…

    The boards can be mean when it comes to defending Janie.Heavens forbid, if you say something bad about the girl
    they go nuts! Just remember,they are low lifes hiding behind a screen hoping to get a good laugh. I really feel sorry for those type people.

    I’m hoping Dani gets HOH tonight & backdoors Janie.She’s gotta get rid of her.

    P.S I love the fact Dani is part of LOD.I’m hoping it will take her far in the game.I truely ,think its the best bb alliance in history..LOL

  • 4. Kira&hellip  | 

    Hi Amy. I love Danielle and hope she wins BB7. I wish you were on there this season. You are so funny and always a hoot to watch. I don’t like Janelle because she is too stuck on herself. You and Danielle would’ve made a great alliance in BB7. Its good to see you’re doing well and happy in life. After your season ended I thought you’d appear in televition somewhere. You’ve got the looks and personality for it.

  • 5. Tabby&hellip  | 

    This season has been strange. People I wasn’t a fan of in their original seasons I’m cheering on and vice versa. Danielle kept going after sweet, wonderful Roddy in BB3, but dagnabit, I’m cheering for her all the way now!

  • 6. karymay&hellip  | 

    Tell Danielle she has a lot of fans out here. I really wanted her to win. She knows people and is able to call out their weaknesses and strenghts. Danielle…all the best to you!!!!! From one hard working mother to another.

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