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August 4, 2006 amycrews

Well well well….I should have known when I was interviewed for the Big Brother segment that it would turn out the way that it has. ALL of the questions I was asked by the interviewer were about Janelle and Marcellas, AND the interviewer ASKED me if I thought Janelle looked like a transvestite. Granted I haven’t thought of that in a long while, but when the pictures of the season 6 HG’s were first posted on cbs.com, my friend Michael and I DID think that she was a transvestite and that it was a twist in the game! Anyway, I just answered their questions honestly…like they asked me to do. Also…the comments that I made were rather edited…example: I called James shady – not Marcellas. Also, I said that Janelle couldn’t hold a candle to me when it came to Marcellas and I being FUNNY. That was edited to say “inner beauty”. I’m not denying that I said mean stuff about Janelle, because I did. I said some pretty mean stuff about Will too, it just didn’t make the show. The regular Big Brother viewers should by now be completely aware of the role that editing plays in the show. And let me add that my interview was done at 12:30 on a Sunday, so I was NOT drinking. The wine that I was holding was of course Big Brother’s idea.Up until now, I have been a regular poster on Jokersupdates.com. I did chats with them, and even did a chat one night when Kaysar failed to show up. I really liked that website, and everyone there has always been nice to me…up until now. I have to say that if these people at reality websites expect people who are actually ON the shows to post and chat there, they should try be the least bit nice to the reality people who visit their sites. And I really can’t figure out why people take a reality television series SO seriously. I watch it, and I think it is a good show, but some of the posters get SO angry. It can’t be healthy. Anyway, now not only have the Jokers people said really mean things about me, they have said really mean things about my husband as well. So let me just say a few words to the people who are obsessed with Janelle and think that she is the “end all be all” of the Big Brother game. Give up on the “janellousy” bit. I’m sure that word was created by a 500 pound woman snacking on a box of Twinkies. I am not jealous of Janelle…oh and let me tell you why. You see, I don’t have to parade around in very little clothing peddling drinks to dirty old men in clubs to make a living. For the record, that is what a “VIP cocktail waitress” does. I don’t have to rely on looks and looks alone to survive. And while we’re on the subject of jealously, I have to say that a few of the comments written about me seemed pretty damn jealous to me. Someone posted something about how ridiculous I sounded by saying that I live on vacation. Well guess what?! I do! Why would that sound ridiculous unless you are jealous that you have to get up and go to work everyday? I just don’t see the point…of course I guess I just don’t see the point of many things…like why many of the Big Brother viewers worship a girl who is somewhere between stripper and Hooter’s girl. And for the record, I was a Janelle fan last year. I really wanted to see her win season 6. I thought that she was a really good player up until last week when she sold out her alliance and fell for Will’s manipulation. So there is the story. If you don’t like me because of what I said about Janelle…well…I really don’t care. I have plenty of friends already. I just wanted to set the record straight! Have a great day, because… I am!


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  • 1. Lynn&hellip  | 

    I was really happy to see an interview with one of my favorite houseguest from a past season! I had to laugh when they showed you with a HUGE plate of cheese, how very Amy! Your interview was funny, I just wished they had put a clip of you saying “chihora” again. There’s always going to be someone who is ugly, just pretend that they are a mere flake of parmesean cheese, and brush it away. Take care, and enjoy your cheese! 🙂

  • 2. Anne&hellip  | 

    You go Amy, I thought the interview was funny. People need to get over themselves, they take this stuff way to serious.

  • 3. Monica&hellip  | 

    The Mansion (the club Janelle works at) is a very high class club where celebrities go, it’s not a strip club, I’ve been there and the club is awesome, just wanted to clarify that.

    It sucks that they edited you that way.

  • 4. Boomquisha&hellip  | 

    Amy, you RULE. Don’t let any of the dumbass haters get you down. Your interview was hilarious and this post is very well written (especially when compared to other BB bloggers… cough!) and funny. The only thing I’m disappointed about is that you couldn’t do All-Stars!

    You’ve got my support, and the vast majority of rational people’s support as well. The “Amy-elous” haters can FOAD. You’re the best!

  • 5. Tabby&hellip  | 

    I agree with you completely. I have a reality-based website (cheap plug: click my name!) and it’s based on snark, but at the end the people on the shows are human beings and I try to keep in all in the spirit of fun and being funny (except in cases like everything Howie said about Nakomis, after that all bets were off).
    At the end of last season I was a huge Sov6 fan, but it was the other fans who turned me off them by deifying the Sovs and the never ending hatred of the Friendship.
    I know I run the risk of turning away a lot of potential readers by not doting on Janelle and Kaysar this season, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I love that Marcellas is no longer allying with Janelle (anyone taking her to the final two is making a huge mistake if they want to win the money), and I love that Dr. Will is the only one willing to play dangerously.

  • 6. Jane&hellip  | 

    Unfortunately for Janelle, she has many rabid fans who think she can do no wrong and will ATTACK even the slightest criticism! Not her fault she has crazed fans. Rabid Kaysar fans are even worse!

    I am a fan of Janelle but thought your segment had lots of potential after finding out the REAL STORY from you.

    I think the lame editing was done by cbs to create the myth that the world is against janelle and jealous of her and that she hots for Will. Neither are true, but CBS is desperate to increase ratings on this stinker!

    The stuff you said about Marcellas is 100% correct!

  • 7. Anne&hellip  | 

    Amy, also please don’t judge Jokers as whole on the nasty posts in BB Discussion, jokers is so much more than just BB. The normal year round posters there are some great people. I hope you will come back to visit Jokers after BB is over this year and see it for what it really is.

  • 8. Kristi&hellip  | 

    Hi Amy,

    I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your interview last night, and I agree with everything you’ve said in this blog entry. Like you, I was a huge Janelle fan in Season 6. I really wanted her to win. And now, ever since she backstabbed her alliance, I can’t stand her. I’m amazed that my opinion of someone can make such a complete turn-around in such a short amount of time, but it has.

    I’m really enjoying BB All-stars, and I wish you could have been on it, Amy! You were by far my favorite HG of Season 3. I watched the live feeds that year and couldn’t get enough of the Amy & Marcellas show. Oh well. It looks like you’re really happy, so congrats for that. I hope you’ll keep posting in your blog despite any mean comments you’ve been getting over at Jokers.

    And even after BB is over for the season, I hope you’ll still be posting here… use it as a regular blog and tell us about the goings on in your everyday life! I’d love to read it.

  • 9. Drew&hellip  | 

    Why oh why can’t you be on the show this year!!! THAT post is exactly what this season is missing! Here is something funny, a coworker of mine had a $50 bet that Janelle was really a man and that was last years “summer of secrets”. I won because I’ve seen her naked photos (I guess that they’re real!)

    About Marcellas – Is he completely chrome-dome bald if his hair grows back? When it grows back, does it just grow in on the side?

  • 10. shalyn&hellip  | 

    I happen to like Janelle. She is getting so much trash talk inside the house from the hg’s but if you look at it she hasn’t really said much bad about them yet.
    I liked you Amy on your season and you can say what you like but, I would like to see Janelle at least final 2.
    What Janelle did last week we wrong but hello it’s BB7 All-Stars. It’s bound to happen.

  • 11. valerie&hellip  | 

    i, personally, thought your clip on bb7 was hilarious…and i am a HUGE janelle fan.
    you said some funny stuff (light heartedly) and it was hard not to laugh.
    i loved you in season 3 and i LOVE that you are no longer friends with someone who was never really going to be a friend to you (marsellout a.k.a. marcellous).
    BUT…it is (kinda) annoying when people say janie sold out her alliance…cause that is how cbs edited it. james flipped on them the first week…just never let them know it (cause they were in power) and has been selling janelle out to everybody in an effort to have her be the next one to go up and out…(not that you care)
    anyway…blablabla…you’re awesome and hilarious.
    and if i were you, i would totally stay away from ANY site that bashes you.
    enjoy your vacation!!!

  • 12. Cuddly Katie&hellip  | 

    I LOVE YOU AMY!!! And I loved your interview and I have always loved your “tell it like it is” ways. You are just so awesome!!

  • 13. KylainLubbockTx&hellip  | 

    Amy, Darling, I loved you in BB3. Cried, yelled, laughed and anguished over you in that house. I loved you then and love you still. Hooray for you in the “greatness” of your life today. I would love to be in your shoes and be “on vacation” everyday. I dream about the beautiful life and love that you have.
    You go girl! I took that interview for what it was…fluff to fill some time and create more controversy, etc for the hype of the show.
    While I am a die hard BB fan and yes, belong to several BB websites and blog, comment there frequently, I’ve never bashed anyone personally, it’s all about the game.
    Just wanted you to feel some love!


  • 14. viv&hellip  | 

    Amy I liked your segment on BB; editing and all. I think it was not necessary for you to bash Janelle to make your point about people who are being horrible to you.(Two wrongs do not make a right). You are awesome in my humble opinion and Janelle is too. Furthermore, you are both young women there is no telling how evolved you both will become. Keep being funny don’t let the posters make you react like someone you are not. You are the lucky one you are not in that house.

  • 15. Lynn&hellip  | 

    Oh and just another note if people have been watching the live feed. They would of seen Will talk Janie into who to put up. He has some kind of spell on a lot of people and he works it well. You guys are so stuck on Janelle when Erika makes buddy buddy with who ever gets HOH. She also follows people around to benfit her. No one is watching the other HG just Janie. Are you people even watching the live feed..

  • 16. Taylor&hellip  | 

    While I love Janelle, I also adore you! You rock and I hope to see you on another interview this season.

  • 17. CanadianBBFan&hellip  | 

    Good post. 🙂

  • 18. Dee&hellip  | 

    You ROCK Amy! Tell it like it is! Loved you on BB3 and wish you were on All Stars. That place could use a little touch of Amy!

    So happy that life is wonderful for you. Ignore the haters and enjoy every moment.

  • 19. David&hellip  | 

    I was SO happy to see that you were featured on BB7 last night! What a happy surprise.

    Your comments seemed OK as they were aired, but if they’re not your true thoughts… then that’s not cool. But, from someone who already admired you from before, they sounded OK.

    I feel the same way you do about Janelle. Thought she was a great player on season 6, and was really disappointed to watch her fold on All Stars. Not that I think there’s anything great about this Soverign alliance or anything… but to just blindly follow Will and then especially to “act” so clueless about helping Mike & Will… gimme a break.

    I think you’re great, and it was fantastic to see you on TV again. No wonder you didn’t want to go on All Stars (if what I read somewhere is true, they asked and you turned them down)… you DO have a great life now! $500k from BB7 can’t compare to the happniess you have already.

  • 20. Jane&hellip  | 

    It’s Amy’s blog, she can get rid of any f’n comments she wants to!

    I still am a Janelle fan and am happy to see she has seen the light when it comes to Mar-sell-out!

    James is the shady player who sold out his alliance first, I hope he doesn’t burn dani!

    I think being stuck in there is psychologically traumatizing and a master manipulator like Will can subtely coerce people into doing things. The guy has the potential to be a cult leader!

  • 21. Nan&hellip  | 


    I so totaly loved your interview… you are so one of my favorite bb peeps ever. I like Janelle also. However, I don’t see why we can’t all just say whatever we want whenever we want. That is what I like about you. Later

  • 22. steven&hellip  | 

    FIRST OFF AMY, I DIDNT START WATCHING TILL SEASON 5 SO I DONT KNOW THAT MUCH ABOUT YOU! This season i am not one of those CRAZED Janelle fans, even though i was last season!! THIS year the SOVS are smoking the other HG and i always like the underdogs!!! BUT I STILL LIKE HER A LITTLE BIT AND IM HAPPY THAT ALL OF THAT WAS JUST EDITING CBS DID.






  • 23. Cindy&hellip  | 

    Amy –
    I enjoyed the little (highly edited) clip they showed from your interview. It’s kind of sad that “reality tv” isn’t reality, but I guess that’s the nature of the business. I’m glad you clarified the real deal for us. If somebody hates on you because of that interview, they are shallow and just plain stupid.

    I can’t say that I was a huge fan of yours on your season, but I took it for what it was…a game and a tv show…period. I realize things are highly edited so that CBS can spin it however they see fit.

    I am a Janelle fan and also a James fan. I’m not picking “sided,” so to speak, but just watching and enjoying the season. The more controversy that is stirred up, the more CBS profits.

    Anyway, I just wanted to join the others in saying that we appreciate your candor.

  • 24. Heather&hellip  | 

    I found your tv interview entertaining (and isn’t that the point). Knowing your reputation for not holding back on your opinion (thanks again for visiting Danielle’s TVCH Online Chat before the show started). I actually had to laugh at the transvestite doll comment.
    Too bad some fans just can’t allow others to have their own favorites. While your presence in the house would have been fun, I can see you are in a much better place being with your wonderful husband (Congratulations again).

  • 25. Lynn&hellip  | 

    I am so a Janie fan, there are a lot of her fans out there because she is remarkable.. You don’t make yourself look good by talking about how much better you are than her. Because you get to sit around while she is aleast working. I don’t have a problem with you Amy except talking down about people. You must of been a Awesome player though and maybe if you did go back in the house it would stir things up because Janie might be going. I don’t think you would buy into CT, well how they can get someone to do what they want like Janie except people can’t see that he was around her 24/7. Telling her what to do after she was not HOH he was not around her that much so it worked.. Who knows this game is really stressfull.. Take care

  • 26. Mr Yaz&hellip  | 

    I am a co-moderator on a very large Yahoo groups BB list, and I’ve got to say that, after 7 seasons, if people don’t get that CBS edits things so heavily that it’s ridiculous to try to get any idea of what people really are about from their clips, well, they’re clueless.

    Amy, you remind me of a cross between my own wife, and a friend of ours and Howie’s, the Pink Princess, who passed away recently. You’re larger than life, and quite open about your opinions. I think that’s the way you should be.

    When my wife saw the segment of you and your husband she said that it was absolutely perfect for you. You are still one of our favorite all-time BB players.

    All the best,
    Mr Yaz

  • 27. Archer&hellip  | 

    Hey Amy!

    Say what you will, but I love Janie. I think she needs to keep Will in the game to stay alive. S6 is going to have to split up eventually- James already was talking smack. She should play for herself, not for her alliance. She could benefit the floaters that way, assuming she stays around another week.

    The best thing about you on BB was the challenge when you said “laser beams.” I don’t remember what it entailed but your accent ( i have a slight southern accent) and the directions you read cracked me up. I replayed it over and over. I wish I had a clip of that on youtube. Love ya!

  • 28. Big Pauly&hellip  | 

    In the spirit of yourself, Amy, let me tell you from my dealings with Joker’s (I used to do the episode summaries for BB4) that your assessment of them is accurate, in my humble opinion. They’re a bunch of butt kissing hacks in my book. I use HamsterWatch to get details of the night before, and RealityBBQ for the up to date dirt.

    I, too thought Janelle was a tranny. And with all the nudie bars in Miami, she probably was closer to being a giver of lapdances then a cocktail waitress, but that too, is just my opinion. That’s the problem with All-Star seasons: they can boost a player’s legacy, but they can also destroy it.

    Goooo Danielle!

  • 29. S in CA&hellip  | 

    Yay! Said so well, Amy. I think a lot like you do and agreed with every word of your rebuttal to BBs manner or portraying you and the comments some heffers out in realityland might have said or thought.

    Enjoy your vacation life 🙂 I would love to be so lucky!

  • 30. Peggy H&hellip  | 

    I have a unrelated question for you.
    Southern Living at Home is selling a painting of sunflowers by an artist named
    Amy Crews… is this you????

  • 31. palofpaws&hellip  | 

    Hi Amy, You are a sweet girl I know you will give Credit where credit is due Janelle rocks. I am so happy for her!!

  • 32. Courtney&hellip  | 

    I knew something like this was going to happen. Anyone who watches reality TV knows that they make it look totally different from what you say. even the all-stars laugh at how it will be aired so different than it was actually said or done!! Amy you were awesome on your season and I hoped you would be in al stars but I am sure you have better things to be doing like enjoying your life with your wonderful husband. I live close to you in Florida and I can say that even if you work, it is like your on vacation!!! LOL ..My dad always said that you WON’T HURT YOURSELF, others WILL HURT you !! JEALOUSY!! I will also agree that mansions is an awesome place and I am also a BB6 fan but it is what it is and you are what you are.. Amy you have True Southern Class so don’t let anyone bring you down, our right.. They are just jealous . Who needs friends like that anyways!! You Go GIRL!!! Have a great time on VACATION!!

  • 33. Jen&hellip  | 

    It’s interesting to hear firsthand just how edited those segments are! I read on your myspace where you had said you answered questions about all the BB contestants, so I figured some serious editing went on since it was all about Marcellas and Janelle on the show.

    Don’t let the haters bring you down! Some people just have nothing better to do than sit online and bitch about people from a TV show.

  • 34. wendo&hellip  | 

    Right on Amy! The Janelle fanatic have lost their evah lovin’ minds! They’ve become rabid, insane, crazy rabid Janelle fans and there are quite a lot of people looking forward to the day Janelle is gone from the show to see those fans GO AWAY.

    Love your blog! Thanks for taking the time to share your opinions with REAL fans of the show.

  • 35. Jacyn91&hellip  | 

    I just wanted to say that I don’t understand why there is this anger between you and Janelle. I truely think that out of the house you and Janie would probably get along great. I loved you on BB and I love Janie on BB also. You are both beautiful ladies with out going personalities. I really think that after the show you both should get together away for reality TV and I bet you would actually like each other.

  • 36. Joe Merchant&hellip  | 

    You go girl. Loved your segment Thursday night. But I do like the name Suger Plum instead of Rhett Butler. My question to you is why Sir
    Oliver Buckingham was not on your segment. Love you.


  • 37. HamsterDame&hellip  | 

    I love ya girl! I loved your segment and it sucks that they edited it so much but then we know how BB is! LOL

    I really wished you had been able to be in the house this season. I was sooo looking forward to you bitch-slappin’ Marcellas around a little bit. *ahh*

    Forget about the Janelle fanatics. They’re clueless when it comes to anything remotely negative to their Janie-doll. Makes me want to barf.

    Glad things are going so well in your life. I definitely see the Rhett Butler in your hubby! Take care.

  • 38. Cecilia&hellip  | 

    Hi Amy, I supported you in your season and never liked the way CBS and the houseguests made you sound like a loose cannon alcoholic. I see a little of the same sort of treatment this year for Janelle. It seems like CBS likes to create reasons to hate someone. I do have a problem also with fans that take everything so darn serious about the game and judge people so harshly. I find myself rooting for people but try to limit my time watching live feeds to short periods of time to just try to figure out what new things are going on. I think watching too much makes people a little “crazy”. I am so happy to hear your life is good now. Janelle will also always be one of my favorites of BB but I realize that she has to try to do something else this year to secure a chance in the game. They are all desperatly trying to win the game and the rules of life just can’t be applied. Cece

  • 39. Joe&hellip  | 

    My three favorite players of all time are Nicole, Janele and you Amy. I like the way you speak your mind. One thing disappoints me….no mention of Oliver in your segment. Can you tell us how he is doing?

  • 40. Robert&hellip  | 

    That was an excellent interview Amy, even if they did edit it. It’s great to see life worked out well for you. I would have loved to see you on the show, but I understand why you would turn it down. Sigh… You are extremely entertaining, and you made an excellent HG. We miss you, you would have been so much fun on the show. Enjoy life like ya’ already be a-doin’ girl!! Robert

  • 41. Penny Karma&hellip  | 

    Amy, lemme just start by saying you had me at Hello. You were such a cool, fun houseguest who comes across as totally down-to-earth. I wanted to see you eating handfuls of cheese on All-Stars SO BAD, but I’ll survive. I’m glad you’re tellin’ it like it is and not letting stupid people get to you.

  • 42. SA&hellip  | 

    Amy, where would I find info about how you and your hubby met, and what you have been up to? I think it’s great that your married and living your dream!! You go girl and keep it up!

  • 43. The other Amy&hellip  | 

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve watched every season of BB and these rabid Janelle fans are making the show so much less enjoyable.
    I used to like visiting several of these BB sites like Jokers during downtime at work to get scoop on what’s going on in the house, but the overwhelming hatred of anyone that doesn’t worship Janelle ruins it for me. They freaked out about the friendship trash talking her last year when she did the same thing to them (and continues to trash them on camera this year as well). She is practically a saint in their eyes and I just don’t get it. How can you worship someone who bullied fellow castmates so badly like she & Howie did with the friendship last year?
    I expect the houseguests to talk behind each other’s backs, but the verbal abuse she & Howie lavished on the other houseguests was was just painful to watch.
    As for you Amy, thanks for voicing the opinions of plenty of us out here who don’t respect Janelle and feel like the show is being dragged down by her mere presence.
    Hope you, Don & the pups keep enjoying your wonderful life together!
    The other Amy

  • 44. Linda&hellip  | 

    Loved your clip on the show. Yeah, most of us realize they edit the crap out of everyone. Also realize the questions they ask are sometimes very loaded. Loved you on BB3, wish you were on this year instead of Marcellus.
    Glad you are having a super time in life, best wishes for your marriage! I’m a Joker’s member since season one, please don’t judge us all by a few bad apples.

  • 45. Grace&hellip  | 

    Hi Amy,

    A fellow Memphian, here. You said:
    “And I really can’t figure out why people take a reality television series SO seriously. I watch it, and I think it is a good show, but some of the posters get SO angry. It can’t be healthy.”

    Isn’t this what you are doing by even responding to the criticism? Who cares what anyone thinks of Janelle, Marcellas or any other previous BB players?

    You are married and appear to be living a very happy life. Don’t let a bunch of posters – and CBS’ editing get you down. And in the grande scheme of things…Big Brother really isn’t worth getting your panties in wad.

  • 46. Nancy&hellip  | 

    OMG I love you. Candor like this is rare and very much appreciated by me! Take care!

  • 47. jedilizzie&hellip  | 

    Amy…..You are still adorable. While I understand why you wouldn’t want to be in the BB7 house, I wish you were! You are exactly what this group of spoiled all stars needs to shake things up!
    I am sorry you are having to deal with “haters”. From my experience in bb chat rooms and reading message boards since the first season, “fans” of certain houseguests get extremely defensive and seem to lose their ability to see anything but the good in the houseguest of their choice. It is like this halo effect. God, it is so much more fun to keep an open mind and enjoy all of the houseguests unique personality types and the interactions. I am a people watcher and you my sweet Amy are one amazing lady! You go girl……..I wish you all the best!

  • 48. Anthony&hellip  | 

    That’s all good to know, Amy.
    Janelle lost my “love” last week too. Thanks for posting, and here’s hoping Dani get’s the Coup D’etat thing!

  • 49. glendaisafruitloop&hellip  | 


  • 50. Taylor&hellip  | 

    LOL glenda didn’t get the point of this blog..

  • 51. Nan&hellip  | 

    As of today August 8, 2006 at 6:23 PM I will quote Marci to you.

    “Janelle is no Amy”

    He said it right after he and Danielle talked about the good times you and he had your season.

    Anyway, just thought you might want to know.

  • 52. tannis&hellip  | 

    Hi Amy,

    Just had to say that I was so excited to see you on the show the other night. I adored you on season three! I was hoping that you were going to be on the all-stars show, and was so sad to see that you were not going to be. You look great and so happy! I don’t know why people get so crazy and say such mean things. You are a wonderful person, and absolutely hilarious! Just wanted to say.. we love ya up here in Canada. I look forward to reading your thoughts every day now!! Take care!


  • 53. realitytvdirt&hellip  | 

    I am sorry that people at Jokers have hurt you. They are really good at that!! She has been talking about you behind your back for YEARS just like she has everyone else. You are TOO good for that!

  • 54. Amy&hellip  | 

    Amy, I have always been one of your biggest fans when you were on BB3. I had wanted you to come back on the show for the All-Stars, but I can totally understand why you did not! You keep telling it like it is – that’s what people love you for!!!

  • 55. Connie&hellip  | 

    Good lord, Amy, Marcellas isn’t the same with you. Janelle is no “Amy” either. You are a classy Southern belle and I’m happy that you have someone in your life. I loved watching Season 3 feeds, you guys had fun where the other seasons, oh, my goodness, it was like don’t turn the lights out! It’s kind of scary being on some of the other BB boards because god forbid if you say something negative about the Season 6 bunch, you will be banished to internet cyberspace. God forbid you say anything negative about Janelle. I posted on one board, ONE board! how I thought it was sad that people were laughing at Danielle crying in solitary confinement and I got people ranting about Janelle taking it like a champ, blah, blah, blah. Who cares about her? I was talking about Danielle, I didn’t say anything negative except that I thought some of Janelle’s fans were getting a tad obsessive. I’m sorry about the responses you have been getting, people are just plain weird. Glad to hear that you got married and you’re happy and I’m jealous, but in a good way to see that you’re living on vacation. You go, girl! I’d take your place over the Big Brother house!

  • 56. amyfan&hellip  | 

    AMY!!!!! YOU’RE AMAZING!!! I loved you on Big Brother 3. You brought so much life and energy in the house. You and Danielle are one of my all time favorite houseguests ever. I’m so happy for you! Have fun on your life vacation!

  • 57. moxie&hellip  | 

    Jokers Updates has gone totally DOWNHILL! The hate spewed on that site has gotten out of hand. The mods are hardly ever around anymore, especially at night. It has been taken over by immature trolls who do nothing but post repeatedly, REPEATEDLY, hate-filled comments about looks and families and just about anything those 12-year-olds can think of. They don’t care if it is true or not. It’s a simple competition to see who can say the most outrageous, ugly thing.

    It is a shame. I used to really like JU.

    REAL fans love you, Amy, even at Jokers. It has just been taken over by the nasties. And you are 100% right… send the message, don’t go there and tell Jokerette why. Then give your interview to someone else… most of go more than one fan site.


  • 58. Deenie&hellip  | 

    I really liked you on your season and your interview was great. I just have one thing to say about the people bashing you on jokers. While I am a fan of Janelle and hope she wins Allstars, I do not condone anyone taking potshots at someone or their family just because they think that person hates their favorite. I realize your interview was edited but the thing that concerns me is that you are, according to you, a past fan of Janelles and it concerns me that you would turn against that because of a few disgruntled fans of hers. And another thing is..she NEVER sold out her alliance and is still trying to trust James even though he has backstabbed everyone in his alliance and was never with them from the beginning. I used to be a James fan..now Im not..not because of a few James fans comments but because of his actions in this seasons show.
    Thanks for listening.

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