Good Job!

July 25, 2006 amycrews

When I was in the house, we used to say “good job” a lot.  If someone won a competition – “Good job Eric!”  If someone lost a competition – “Good job Jason!”  If someone took a nap on the hammock – “Good job Roddy!”  We used that phrase many many times everyday.  Well, I just want to say, “Good job James!”  Not only am I happy that he nominated Will, I am really happy that he nominated Jace to replace Chicken George.  And while I’m patting people on the back, let me also say, “Good job Chicken George!”  I think it is totally funny how people talked about what an easy week it was going to be.  Just kick out Chicken George and move on to next week.  Everyone felt safe and happy…but Chicken George may not be as dumb as his name suggests.  He threw everyone a curve ball by winning that veto.  I, for one, am proud of him for pushing James’ hand and making him nominate someone else.  Of course when he won the veto I knew he would use it to save himself.  I mean, who has the ability to save himself and doesn’t use it?!  Oh…that’s right!  It has happened before.  But I knew that even Chicken George was smarter than that.  As much as Will gets on my last nerve, I really hope to see Jace leave this week.  I really want Will to be the first person on the jury.  He has complained and complained about not wanting to go to the sequester house, and I just think it would be hilarious for the house to keep him until the first week of sequester…then kick his ass to the curb!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA – Evil Witch Kackle!  Then I would have to say, “Good job House!”


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  • 1. vvkathy&hellip  | 

    Amy, WHAT can Danielle be thinking? It sounds like she wants to vote out Will now instead of Jase! She seems to be all over the place, and I can’t figure out what she’s doing from moment to moment. What do you think? Knowing her as well as you do, can you enlighten me? Thanks! Loved you by the way, think you made a WISE decision by staying away from the All Stars! Yikes!

  • 2. Crowlie&hellip  | 

    Hi Amy, I just wanted to tell you that I started watching BB in your season and you are still my favorite houseguest ever. I think I really related to your quirkiness and sense of humor and your honesty. Wish you were on this season!

  • 3. Taylor&hellip  | 

    Last night’s episode was great wasn’t it Amy? I agree with you.. I’d love to see Will stuck in sequester 😀

  • 4. Will's future wife&hellip  | 

    I have to say that I can’t believe you guys hate Will so much. I get that he is full of himself but please the house would not be the same if he wasn’t in it.

  • 5. David&hellip  | 

    Amy… you know Marcellas pretty well. When he looked like George’s speech touched him (he was misty eyed and couldn’t suppress a smile) do you think he was being sincere? I’d LOVE to see Marcellas, George, Diane, Danielle and Erika band together and kick Season 6 and Chilltown to the curb.
    Loved you on Season 3. Glad to see you have a blog. Can’t wait to read your take on this season!

  • 6. Laurie1102&hellip  | 

    Awwwwww! Amy, Did you just hear all the nice things dani (your Oprah) just said to you? (7/26 at 9:30 central)That was really sweet. Go an get your manicure now, and have fun!

  • 7. luvya&hellip  | 

    Agree with what you said above, totally! I miss you being on the show!

  • 8. adam&hellip  | 

    this is an absolutely “too much info” moment but I lost my virginity back in 2002 the exact day you got evicted (for the first time) from bb3 — don’t ask why i remember that.

    any way! wishing you were in the house now. haha.


  • 9. Taylor&hellip  | 

    To Adam (the guy who lost his virginity when Amy was evicted the first time)

    So were you happy or sad? I mean.. sex would make me happy, but Amy being evicted would make me sad. Such a bittersweet day, I could imagine. Rofl

  • 10. Tabby&hellip  | 

    I really wanted the non-SeaSick people to grow a spine and vote to keep Jase in. If they did, he could have gone after them with a vengeance. Well, except for that stupid deal he made that he didn’t have to. “We need Season Six to vote for you!” No, you didn’t!
    They may be kissing up to SeaSick right now, but they all know that group needs to be broken up bad. That would have been five against four, and a warning to SeaSick to not be so darned smug.

  • 11. Drew&hellip  | 

    Amy! I’m so glad I found this blog. You continue to be the BB houseguest which all other houseguests are measured against. You rock!

    I’m really glad CG is staying in the house and I think I, like everyone else really hates Jase. S6 should really watch Erika. She is so under the radar right now. If memory serves she was fairly crafty in her season.

  • 12. Jayme&hellip  | 

    yeah very cool site. you do a great job.

  • 13. Jake&hellip  | 

    Hi Amy! You’re awesome.

    The twist should be…you go back in the house, team up with Danielle, and kick ass! haha 🙂

  • 14. Big Pauly&hellip  | 


    Just saw you on the live show (8/3/06)…and your knack for telling the truth, no matter how brutal it may be, was absolutely spot on.

    I think you have Marcellas and Janelle pegged right on the money, and you look better than ever. It’s a shame they had a BBAS without you, because in my mind, they all pale in comparision to you..

  • 15. DAvid&hellip  | 

    Hello Amy Nice to see you on BB live eviction show, nice to see what you were up to but I was sad to Learn you and Marcellas are no longer friends it was a Shock like jumping on a Bike with the seat missing. U’m Hoping BBallstars has a suprise where they send you back in house with a Big block of cheese and Bottle of wine to entertain us. speaking of Big Block of Chease when Andrew Jackson was President he had a Big block of cheese in the West Wing for people to come and feast on and talk to him about their issues. ANdrew Jackson by the way was also from Tennesse Like you.

  • 16. Jason&hellip  | 

    Amy, I was so happy to see the update on you. I think you should have done the show! You and Marcellas were the perfect Anthony and Suzanne Sugarbakker, so I was so sad to see him turn on you like he did. I know it sounds weird, but I always hoped you two would renew your friendship again–it just looked like so much fun. Anyway, glad to see you are happy and well! Love you and take care!

  • 17. Frankie&hellip  | 

    hi amy!! i was so happy when i got to see you on big brother last night. you are still one of my favorite houseguests eer and i wanted you to be on this all stars!! i hope your life is going well 🙂


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