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July 12, 2006 amycrews

I have a blog so that I can get things off of my chest…so here goes.  I’m watching, and I am enjoying the show. There are some people I like, and some people I don’t like. Guess what? I have an opinion just like everyone else. Unlike some people, I don’t insist that my opinion is always correct, because when it comes to opinions, I don’t think that anyone is right or wrong. We all have our own views. If you want to live in a place where everyone must think the same way about all issues, then by all means, pack your stuff and move to a communist nation. Otherwise, don’t bother me with mean comments about how right you are and about how wrong I am. You are, after all, entitled to YOUR own opinion. I post MY opinion here. Post your opinion on your own damn blog, and I promise not to send you mean comments. But, if you send me a comment explaining why you feel differently than I do, and if within the context of that comment, you are not launching a personal attack on me, then I’ll approve your comment. I do have to say though that I can’t figure out why someone would even read a blog belonging to someone they don’t like. That makes absolutely NO sense to me whatsoever. Why waste your time reading about the life of someone you don’t like? So there…that is all I will rave about in the blog today.


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  • 1. Tabby&hellip  | 

    Ah, the joy of the internet. Anonymity makes a lot of people braver and more vicious than they would be if they ever met you in person. I allow anonymous comments at my place, but I won’t allow the more negative ones through now unless they have the guts to at least sign a name to them.

  • 2. Big Pauly&hellip  | 

    Couldn’t have said that any better. It’s easy to be courageous when you’re dealing with people that don’t want to tell you who they are!

    Amy: wanted to give your kudos on your earlier BB7 blog. You hit the nail right on the head…this season is already being played at a breakneck and a somewhat ugly pace, especially with all the talk about Toni Ferrari dishing dirt on Diane. Then again, I think Toni has issues with her mirror, too.

  • 3. Mary&hellip  | 

    I so agree with you, Amy. I had often wondered how you were since your BB Season. I just thought you were such a neat person. I just do not get why people on the net have to be so disrespectful at times!

  • 4. Jay&hellip  | 

    Amy, we looooove you!!

    I can’t wait to hear what you have to say next. 🙂

  • 5. Taylor&hellip  | 

    I agree! I’m happy you’re doing a blog and I’m angry that people would be so mean.

  • 6. NMFireman&hellip  | 

    Please don’t take this the wrong way but yours were my favorite boobs in all of BB. I like the others have been wondering how you have been.

  • 7. Jonathan&hellip  | 

    Amy – Don’t let others get you down, you are fabulous.

    Just because others are trash……well you get my point!
    I personally tend not to bother my time with them, I have better things to do… getting a pedicure!

    What do you think of tonights episode of BB?

  • 8. lucas&hellip  | 

    You tell em Amy! Get your own blog! lol Wish you were in that house!

  • 9. Haylie&hellip  | 

    Amy I so agree with you. no one can say if someone’s opinion is right or wrong. You are right on that. I think most people realize that or maybe not. But however. I do love reading your blogs and etc. By the way I love cheese too.


  • 10. Michelle&hellip  | 

    Hey Amy, I was a little disapointed to see you weren’t going to be on BB All Stars, you were one of my favorites to watch, but I can understand why you wouldn’t want to be. I’m not a big Alison fan, but I do like Danielle and hope she goes far. I agree, she came off too strong at the beginning and I think that may hurt her. I missed this past week’s episodes because I was vactioning in Tennessee, so I don’t know what is going on. I hope she is still in the house.

  • 11. Kaybell&hellip  | 

    Amy my dear..
    I’ve loved you since BB3.. and from what I have seen on the sites.. you are doing beautifully. I loved the wedding pictures. Thanks for sharing those. And.. please tell us how you are doing and settling into married life.

  • 12. angelofmusic27&hellip  | 


    I love how you are still outspoken but yet gracious about it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Miss you in the house. 🙂

  • 13. Steve&hellip  | 

    Hi Amy,

    Everyone that attains a certain level of fame and has a blog gets these people taking stabs at them. If you ignore them, and more importantly do not mention them – they will go away.

    And then all that will be left are your fans. My wife and I watched your season of BB and you were our favorite.

    Maybe one day you can return in some fashion.

    ~Steve in Texas

  • 14. April in GA&hellip  | 

    Hi. Still speaking your mind, I see. Good for you. You were my favorite on BB3 and I had hoped to see you back on BB7. You would have been a much better choice than Allison! Do you have a pick for winner yet?

  • 15. moxie&hellip  | 

    Just a quick thanks for making time to participate with BB this year. It’s fun for fans to hear from y’all. The folks who were on the show and disappeared really didn’t get the whole idea of show that lets folks watch you 24/7. BB2 was my fave but I have to say your season is next. It’s hard to choose. But I don’t think I’ll ever forget you lying on the bed after something stressful happened, and you were eating cheese. Even the way you say “I love cheese” is too memorable.

    Sounds like life has been good to you. Thanks again for having the grace and humility to continue to share your thoughts and interest in BB.

    You’re tops! Wish you were in the house.

  • 16. Savannah&hellip  | 

    You go Amy! Loved the wedding pics. I’m wondering why no one will put the real players on the block, too.

  • 17. MarieinBC&hellip  | 

    Hello Amy. Congratulation on the marriage and best wishes to you and hubby.

    I disagree with you about Janelle, I think she is a great BB player. Although I liked the Sov6 last year I liked Janelle and James the best, Kaysar?…not so much after the two idiot evictions…what was he thinking? I thought Kaysar made some stupid moves and Howie was pretty useless to have around. James worked his ass off just to stay in the game once they decided he needed to go home.

    Janelle won her share of HOH and PoVs and of course James is the king of PoVs. This year is looking much the same. Janelle has already won HOH twice and James finally got his first HOH and this is only week four.

    I don’t really care if Kaysar and Howie get evicted but I hope they are around long enough to help Janelle and James get farther in the game. I think they got robbed last year.

    I remember reading/hearing somewhere last year that Janelle admired Alison’s and Danielle’s strength in the game. It would have been interesting if those three women had an alliance together but they had it out for Janelle from the get go and yet Allison had also commented on respecting Janelle’s play.

    It would have been the house of destruction if those three women, or Janelle and either of the other two, had a secret alliance. Can you imagine the chaos they could cause? Alison was good at winning competitions and between them they could have gone far together. Oh well…to bad. There is still time for Janey and Dani to join forces if they make it ffarther in the game, once Sov6 starts to come apart. Hmmm…who knows.

    Interesting blog. Good to hear from you.

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