July 7, 2006 amycrews

The Big Brother All-Stars house is just one big gross rotten Hell hole.  I wish that I didn’t have 2 friends in the house, because I hate to see them have to live in that environment.  I honestly think it would be easier to fight your way through a pod of bull sharks than to live in that house.  I also think your survival rate would be much better.  My favorite people in the house right now are Danielle, Alison, Nakomis and Diane.  I think Danielle probably should have kept quiet for a few weeks before starting to stir the pot.  It just may get her evicted next week…and although I wouldn’t mind that because I would get to talk to her everyday on the phone again, I hate to see her go so early.  Alison is being Alison, and I love her for that.  She is always true to form, and if she stays next week, I hope she gets really mean and ugly to some of those people.  I think that Diane is doing a good job right now.  She’s sort of keeping quiet from what I’ve seen, and I think that is going to keep her a little longer.  Remember…it is not good to be perceived as a threat.  If she can just keep it together and go with the flow, I think that will work for her.  Same with Nakomis.  She is just being Nakomis, and I like her for that.  Some of these people just SCARE me!  Will talks about how awful all of the Internet people are, and how we all need to check ourselves into a mental health facility.  But I don’t remember him having specialized in psychology.  Do you?  And James just reminds me of all of the bad press that John Kerry got during the last presidential campaign for being a ‘flip flop”.  He is like the boy in high school who really wants to hang with the cool crowd and will do or say anything to just be considered cool.  I think that rather than attending the finale party (as I had previously planned to do), I’ll just fly the people I like (and there are FEW) down here to the beach for few days when all of this is over.  I swear, this is shaping up to be worse than any horror show I have ever seen!  The “Free The West Memphis Three” trial was not as bad as this!   


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  • 1. Taylor&hellip  | 

    Love your commentary Amy! Hope to see lots more!!!

  • 2. Scott&hellip  | 

    Danielle was the first to figure out the potential twists of the 2 HoH scenario. So I have to give her credit for thinking outside the box. Unfortunately by telling other people of these options, she scared the HoHs and made herself a threat.

    Fortunately for Dani, the house seems to be more threatened by Alison right now.

  • 3. Ryan&hellip  | 

    I love you, Amy. I really wish you had done Allstars, but I totally understand your reasons for not doing it.

    I gather from your entry that you’re not a fan of the BB6 people? All the people you seem to like are against them. =)

  • 4. Tabby&hellip  | 

    Danielle’s plan was great, but she executed it wrong by taking it to both sides. Jase had no reason to feel safe because of that.

  • 5. Nicole&hellip  | 

    Hi Amy….I loved you so much and so did my mother. We were both hoping you would be on all stars. I just do not get why you do not like Jenelle, she is an amazing BB player!

  • 6. oinka&hellip  | 

    Amy, this is all stars..which means it going to be all out this season. If anyone hooks will be stupid and dumb. This is hardcore BB and it is going to be tough to live there. Period. This is High Stakes Poker 24/7 which is what they signed up for. I have no pity of what they will endure and what twists BB throw at them. I hope they throw BB1 competitions at them for food…work for it 24 hours to get food. I hope they throw a lot of competitions that BB1 did..because that was gruelling.

    Let the suffering begin!

  • 7. bishopj&hellip  | 

    Amy you are awesome! You and Dani were my favorites from your season and I’m glad to know you are friends. I think Danielle will be fine in the house. Howie makes me wanna barf. I wish you had been on the show…even if you think it is a hell hole…

  • 8. bishopj&hellip  | 

    By the way I was jusst watching the feeds and Danielle was talking to Nakomis about you….She said if anyone was watching the feeds “tell Amy I love her…and Don too…I love her love her love her!”

    Message given…she also said, “I’m coming to your house next year, Amy.”

  • 9. Caramel&hellip  | 

    Love your blog. You really like Alison? I never have. I thought she was mean and nasty. She hasn’t changed…I agree with you about others who are better players than some there…I’m disappointed to know that you and Marcellas are not still close.

  • 10. Ida&hellip  | 

    Amy, whatever happened between you and Marcellas, I hope you both find a way past it. I think you’re both great. I don’t share your view of Danielle, but you certainly know her better than I. I prefer Will’s style to hers. At least he lets you know upfront he is a liar and will backstab you. Danielle, if she stays in the house, will have to change her strategy. All those returning houseguests have studied the tapes. They need to come up with a new game plan to stay in the house. Allison and June were never my favorites, so I’ll be happy if she leaves in the first week.

  • 11. Floyd&hellip  | 

    “she needs to go back to where she came from….being a drunk slut at the mall. 555-slut.” 🙂

    Since that comment, I’ve adored you! LOL Look forward to reading your commentary on this season. Please be candid. Don’t be scared to say what you feel…that’s why we love you!

  • 12. Marty&hellip  | 

    Amy, I thought you and Marcellas were best buds. NO?

  • 13. Big Pauly&hellip  | 

    Hey Amy!

    Going to be a lot of fun to watch the eviction show Thursday, mainly because Alison and Dani will be in a spot they were never in before, facing eviction.

    I had the same concerns about this season becoming a potential train wreck. I always thought the best seasons were yours and the one the year before. The last three seasons, to me, have been a blur with the casting twists and all. Guess it’s hard to catch lightning in a bottle every year.

    And I wouldn’t take Will very seriously. That was his game in BB2 to puff up his chest and at the same time, not be threatening. I didn’t really care for his comments about you, though. He obviously needs 15 minutes more of fame as “the best BB player ever.”

    Keep the blog going, enjoying it!

  • 14. Anonymous&hellip  | 

    Hey Amy,

    Good to see that you have a blog. I really liked you in Season 3, you were one of my favourites. I also thought that this blog entry was very truthful. I’m tired of Will putting down anyone that goes near the internet. After all, it was people voting on the internet to get him on the show after all, and fans that tune into the live feed that keep this show going. It’s really offensive for him to do that.

    Also, I completely agree about Alison as well as her allies, Diane and Nakomis. She (Ali) seems to be playing a much more mature game than in Season 4, and I don’t want to see her go home so early. The BB6’ers need to go, Janelle would not be half as powerful if she didn’t have Howie, James, Kaysar, Erika, Marcellas, etc. to do her bidding for her.

    That’s all, just thought I’d make a few comments. Good to see that you’re doing well, although I would’ve liked to have seen you on the all-stars. 🙂

    Have a good one, looking forward to reading future entries.

  • 15. Jonathan&hellip  | 

    I have to agree – I like Allison – she may have been mean and nasty – but she played the game and went far.

  • 16. Alissa&hellip  | 


    What are your thoughts about being talked about into the game?

    This year is so different because everyone is talking about their past seasons and about each person they liked/disliked in each season.

    I am hearing a lot of stories that I had forgotten or not heard at all. Even though past BB players are not in the game, their stories and lives are being brought up and back to the game.

    Has this had any impact on you? It seems like everyone baggage is being aired out.

  • 17. Kimberly W&hellip  | 

    Your Right Amy, Danielle should of said not a word because she put a name on her back and it was all most over for her.

    I did hear her talk about you that was nice of her.

    I think we all love Alison, She can be the best friend we hate or love but you have to love before you know how to hate.Alison is great I don’t care what people say.It is very hard to be in a house with people you don’t know and you have to play games and hope your not voted out so you play with people that is Alison, A great player.

    I think when your in a place as we see in big brother you have to be low and hope you never stand out if you do you will go home people are like books but you need to let them read it as you listen to them.I think many of the all stars know that and that is going to be the hard part of the game.Trust is hard to fine in this game I would never trust James he tured before what is stopping him it’s only been a week.What about 4 weeks you will see him trun on his so called friends.
    They are friends on the outside but you know what I maen.Okay thanks for reading.


  • 18. Arron&hellip  | 

    Hi Amy. Well she made it through. You know I have never been an Ali fan. But she was better. Maybe it was because there was such a small dose of her. You know Charley and I happy that Dani is still in. And you know that I don’t care for Kaysar, but he may just keep Dani off the hot seat this week. Fingers crossed. I would just hate to see her make it to sequester, and then get evicted and not be able to go home to her family.
    Talk to you soon.

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