Yup! It’s me!

June 25, 2006 amycrews

I think it is so funny that when I post on message boards or visit chat rooms, people don't believe that it is me!  I think that is hilarious!  I highly doubt that someone would be a big enough loser to go around on the net pretending to me ME of all people!  Why not pretend to be someone like…say…I don't know…Jessica Simpson or Chris Rock?  Why would someone pretend to be me?  Wow!  Anyway, to all of you people at the Survivor Sucks thing:  I think that your board is great, and I'm glad that there is a place where you can state your honest opinions without being moderated so much…although I find it odd that you can call people's children bad names on there, yet you can't type the word "myspace".  I lost a ton of respect for the site after seeing that.  Someone posted that the only way one can get banned from that site is by typing the "n word" – but you can't type "myspace"?!  Now THAT is odd – not Danielle's children, as Alfred has posted.  Don't call yourself an unedited site if you are going to edit words that aren't even offensive!  I'm busy now, so I have to run!  I'll post more later!       


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  • 1. MMead7&hellip  | 

    Amy… Alfred doesn’t represent most of us at Sucks! While we all may be a little sick in the head – we love our reality stars. We do not go to the extreme that this prick did. Please don’t let his ignorance skew what you think about Sucks.

  • 2. FrodoLass&hellip  | 

    Love ya Amy! Best wishes and good luck.

  • 3. banner&hellip  | 

    Uh, the myspace thing is a sort of an inside joke. Other banned words include p.etition, h.eart, i.pod, s.ims, p.edo and c.unt.

  • 4. banner&hellip  | 

    Notice any patterns? There’s none!

  • 5. Nettie&hellip  | 

    Come by and say hi to us at BBU! We would love to hear from you! That is a beautiful pic of you on the home page!

  • 6. Steven&hellip  | 

    Yup, I was one of them, but I had your email address (Which I did and still do keep private) and so I emailed oyu to tell you that someone was pretending to be you on Big Brother Chatter… then you emailed me back saying it was you… I felt like an idiot… BUT!!!! Once I confirmed it really was you, people assumed I was a setup to make people think it was you. Nobody believed either of us.

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